Flagstaff – Grand Canyon Shuttles

Canyon Shuttle provides shuttle service between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, picking up at the Flagstaff Amtrak Station and the Maswick Lodge.

Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Shuttle Schedule
Grand Canyon to Flagstaff Shuttle Schedule
Grand Canyon (Maswick Lodge)Flagstaff (Amtrak Station)
Book Shuttle11:45 am1:15 pm
Book Shuttle5:45 pm7:15 pm

$35- one way

What's Included
  • Pickup and drop off at the selected locations
  • Cold drinks
Cancellation Policy

We provide full refunds for cancellations received 24 hours before your shuttle time.

Flagstaff Pickup/Drop Off Location

Flagstaff Amtrak Station

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

Grand Canyon Pickup/Drop Off Location

Flagstaff Amtrak Station

Maswick Lodge

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